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Shirley Boys' High School

209 Travis Road, New Brighton, Christchurch 8083 03 3757057
These lists have been supplied and approved by your school.  If you have any queries in regards to specific items on these lists please ask your school.

Note from Shirley Boys' High School:

Please ignore Student Id Required box -this is not required

Year 11 - 13
Please do not order subject stationery until classes have been confirmed following the Course Confirmation day.

2024 Start Dates
Tuesday Jan 30 - Course confirmation day for senior students.
Wednesday Jan 31 and Thursday Feb 1 - Year 9 Orientation Day.
Friday Feb 2 - all students return.

In 2024 all students will be asked to bring their own digital devices to school (BYOD).
Minimum requirements
Windows capable operating system (macOS is fine)

- Windows capable operating system (macOS is fine)
- Small size (13”, 14” or 15”)
- Battery life in excess of 8 hours if possible
- A solid state hard drive (preferred for durability)
- A case to protect the device
- Small headphones

Please note that we do not support Linux machines or tablets as BYOD devices in the classroom.

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