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Paper Size Guide

This table shows the most popular international paper sizes

Paper SizePaper Dimensions

Handy tip: A2 is half the size of A1, and this relationship continues down through the 'A' sizes!

Paper Tips


As a 'living' material, paper is strongly influenced by fluctuations in air humidity and temperature. Ideal storage temperature is room temperature or cooler, where it is not damp and not in the open air. Where possible, paper should remain in closed boxes.


This is necessary where there are greater temperature differences between places of paper storage and use. Always keep the copy paper supply for the next few days closer to the copier. After removing the required quantity of paper, always close the ream wrapper and box firmly, sealing all around where possible.

Opening and Insertion

Paper ream should never be broken over your knee, instead it should be opened and handled carefully (because of warping and stability). Place paper in the copier either the same way up as the arrow shown on some wrappers, or the side up of the join in the ream wrapper.