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Nayland College

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These lists have been supplied and approved by your school.  If you have any queries in regards to specific items on these lists please ask your school.

Note from Nayland College:

We encourage all students to bring their own device to school.  The use of technology enables learning opportunities not available with traditional pen and paper.  BYOD enables schools to offer blended learning programmes that are - Authentic, Relevant, Student focused.

Recent events have highlighted the importance of access to technology for learning.  Through BYOD we are able to seamlessly extend the classroom beyond school hours.  At school, bringing their own device enables students to be active participants in a modern blended learning environment.

Stationery Lists enable you to purchase stationery through any retailer of your choice. General Stationery for Year 9 and Year 10 covers most subjects & modules. Other requirements are listed by subject for Year 9-13. If your subject is not shown then there are no additional stationery requirements. *For WINZ Quotes, please contact your Stationery retailer.

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