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Marlborough Girls College

21 MCLAUCHLAN STREET, Blenheim 7201 03 5208448
These lists have been supplied and approved by your school.  If you have any queries in regards to specific items on these lists please ask your school.

Note from Marlborough Girls College:

MGC Device Specifications

These are recommendations for the devices so that students will be able to participate fully in all aspects of class programmes. Devices will need to have preloaded (before the student starts school). Once your child is enrolled and starts at MGC they will be eligible to download Microsoft Office for free using the school credentials so there is no need to purchase this software. 

 Media player to run video and sound
 Virus protection
 Long Battery Life:
 10 inch screen
 Wireless chipset 802.11n:
 4-8 GB RAM  250GB (or more) hard drive
 USB ports (ideally)
 Headphone / earphone jack (your child should also have some earphones to go in the jack, they do not have to be expensive).

A list of Free/ Open Source software can be found at:

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