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We’ve partnered with LayBuy, so you can pay in 6 weekly, interest-free instalments – and still get your order right away!

Laybuy payment process

Laybuy FAQs

Who will the payments show as being paid to on my Credit Card when I pay by Laybuy?
Your credit card statement will show the payment being paid to LAYBUY.COM* OfficeMax MySchool. Laybuy will email you each week notifying you of upcoming payments for your purchase and when your payments for the purchase have been completed.

If I want to cancel my order or return some items who do I contact?

Please contact OfficeMax MySchool if you wish to cancel an order or return some items. We will follow our standard returns policy.  

I need to change the credit card that payments are being made from for Laybuy purchases
Credit Card details can be updated by logging in to and going to the ‘Saved Cards’ section.

Can I pay for my School donations and charges with Laybuy?
No, Credit/Debit Card and Account2Account are the accepted payment methods for School donations and charges.

For further terms & conditions for using Laybuy, please click here.