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How to cover exercise books without bubbles

Covering books can be a disaster! Well not anymore, we've made this video, accompanied by our step by step instructions to help make it easier for you!

You will need:

Step one:

Place your open book on the grid side of the cover and measure 2 squares, or approximately 4 cm on each side

Cut adhesive covering to fit

Step two:

Peel back about 2-3 cm of adhesive cover, with the sticky side facing up

Step three:

Place approximately 1cm of the non-spine edge of the book on the sticky side

Step four:

Turn the book over so the covering is now over the top of the book and begin using the ruler to apply the adhesive smoothly to the book, pulling the non-adhesive sheet out as you go. Start slowly, and work up to a faster pace - you will naturally get better as you go along

Step five:

Once you get to the middle, turn the book over and open it out, so that you're open to the first page. Cut each corner diagonally, right to the corner of the book, and also make a cut right to the middle of the spine. Secure the three loose sides to the inside cover

Step six:

Turn the book over and repeat steps four and five until the book is completely covered.

Continue until all books are covered!

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