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Back to School Labelling

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Back to school can be stressful, and there is a lot to remember. The last thing you want to hear in the first week back at school is: ‘Mum, I lost my hat!’, or ‘Dad, someone took my drink bottle!’. We thought it would be handy to break down our most popular labelling machines, and their uses.

Handheld Brother PTH110

This labeller has tapes perfect for Iron on labels. They can be used on most fabric items and are useful on the inside of uniforms, hats, and fabric book bags. You can also purchase waterproof/laminated labels, best for use on lunchboxes and drink bottles. These can also be used for bottles of sunscreen, and sport gear like tennis rackets or helmets.

Desktop Brother PTD400

This labeller contains a range of fonts and is suitable for labelling everything around the home and school. Personalise using frames and fonts that your student will be proud to show their friends. Ideal for labelling stationery and other personal items.

Why purchase a labelling machine?

Your children have around 13 years of school to get through. Most of these years you will need to purchase a variety of new items. Purchasing your own labeller gives you freedom and flexibility. It can also save you money in the long run. You can also use it for you own items. Organise your pantry, your bathroom, shed, man cave – and whatever else you can think of!

There are alternatives. . . . 

If a labelling machine is not your preference, there are other options.
Laundry markers will mark any type of cloth, linen or clothing. These markers will withstand washing cycles, and can even stand up to dry cleaning. They dry quickly and won’t blur, making them ideal for a year of school wear.
You could also use a sharpie – a tip: make sure to write on tags where you can, or on the thickest parts of fabric to prevent ink leak-through.

Tips for safe labelling practice

Gaining the trust of a young child is sometimes as easy as calling them by their name. In this regard it’s best not to label uniforms, hats or schoolbags on the outside where someone could see it clearly without getting too close. Label items on the inside, or use an alternative to a name tag - another identifying item to personalise without using names, i.e unicorn or animal tag, coloured ribbons, or piece of string with beads.

Are you ready for Back to School?

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