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How can I pay for my order if I order online?

The OfficeMax MySchool website accepts payment via credit card and Internet Banking (A2A) for orders, with all orders billed in New Zealand Dollars. When paying by credit card, your card will be charged once your order has been picked in our warehouse, although your goods will not be dispatched until your selected delivery timeframe. In the unlikely event that we cannot ship all of your order at once, we will only charge for the items that we can ship.

When your order is placed using a credit card, a $1 authorisation (to validate this card) will appear on your online transactions for a limited period of time. This is not a charge, only an authorisation.

Please note that Internet Banking (A2A) is configured per school and may not be available if your school has chosen to disable this payment method for collecting fees, charges and/or donations. 

As part of the authorisation process a $1 hold payment will appear on your bank statement which will be released when the full payment is processed. Due to the way our invoicing system calculates GST on the invoice total, the actual amount charged is sometimes different by one cent from the amount listed in the Order Summary. Usually what is charged is less than the order amount.