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Holdson Classic Chess Set

Product Code: 2856123

$22.99 inc GST
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Product Description
Holdson Classic Chess Set will get you thinking and is the perfect board game for a quiet library corner or for rainy day playtime activity. The chess board measures 35.5x35.5cm (hxl) and individual chess pieces measure between 3-7cm tall. The classic chess set, a two player game that is full of strategy, scheming and tactics will keep you going for hours, even days.

  • The chess board measures 35.5x35.5cm (hxl)
  • Pawn pieces are 3.5cm tall
  • Rook pieces are 4cm tall
  • Knight pieces are 5cm tall
  • Bishop pieces are 5.5cm tall
  • Queen pieces are 6cm tall
  • King pieces are 7cm tall
  • Additional Product Information
    OMAge - Age 6 + Age 6 +

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