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PaperMate Liquid Paper Dryline Grip Correction Tape 5mm x 8.5m White

Product Code: 1274686

$5.74 inc GST
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Product Description
Fix your mistakes like they never happened with this Paper Mate Liquid Paper Correction Tape. This correction tape is smooth-laying, requires no drying time and is tear resistant, allowing you to copy, fax or write over your mistakes instantly. It features an easy-to-use ergonomic dispenser with comfort grip that makes it easy to use and control and an appealing translucent case for monitoring remaining tape length.

  • White correction tape
  • Tape measures 5mmx8.5m (wxl)
  • Can be written on instantly as it does not require drying
  • Lays on smoothly and is break and tear-resistant
  • Clear body that allows you to see when tape is about to end
  • Additional Product Information
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    Product - Correction Tape Correction Tape

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