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Welcoming Dee's Wax Wraps to the MySchool family!

This year for back to school (and beyond!) we’ve got a new supplier on board; Dee’s Wax Wraps.

Owned and run by Kiwi Deanne Hattaway, we’d like to share the story of how she turned an interest in reducing plastic waste into a fun and environmentally friendly business.

‘It seemed like a no-brainer to start by removing plastic wrap – a single use, air and sea polluting product’. Dee had heard of wax food wraps, and loved the idea of being able to use a variety of fun fabrics. The idea of the wax wrap is that you can use it like cling wrap or plastic sandwich bags. The wax mix coating allows the wrap to stick to itself, glass, ceramics and tin, all with a bit of warmth from your hands. The seal keeps food covered, contained and fresh. The durable nature of the wax mix means you can wash and reuse the wraps many times. For school students Dee recommends you only wash when dirty, for example, with peanut butter smears. If holding crackers or cut fruit, a rinse will be sufficient; the bee’s wax and jojoba oil ingredients have natural antibacterial properties. This will help the coating last a bit longer.

Dee’s Wax Wraps are made from a variety of fashionable cotton fabrics and use an all-natural New Zealand bee’s wax, oil and natural adhesive mix coating with just the right amount of sticky in a variety of shapes and sizes. The only side effect of this mix is the beautiful smell they create!

After making a load of these wraps for use in her own home, Dee started making them as gifts – the gifts turned into requests from all over, and voila – the business was born!

When we asked Dee how using waxed lunch wraps has changed her family’s plastic use habits she had this to say:

“My family is me, my husband and our four and two-year-old children. We always refuse plastic bags, even taking cotton carriers when clothes shopping. We use reusable cotton produce bags, or go without if we forget them at the supermarket. I haven't bought Glad Wrap for close to 2 years. I am aware of the packaging of toys, avoiding products with an excessive amount, educating my children where I can about the damage caused by the plastic waste we produce. We line our rubbish bins with newspaper only. I have been educating myself on plastic pollution around the world. The effects are so heart breaking. It keeps me motivated, especially reading about sea animals starving because of a belly full of plastic! I buy second hand plastic anything wherever possible, including toys, storage solutions, and more! The creation of my wax wraps was just the beginning of our journey. Every day, as a family, we’re doing what we can to reduce our use of items that create surplus plastic waste.”

Dee’s aim is to spread the plastic free love throughout New Zealand and believes we can all take small steps to reduce our sting on the environment!

OfficeMax is now selling a selection of Dee’s waxed fabric food wraps – get yours today!

dee's wax wraps
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*images supplied by Dee's Wax Wraps - photos taken by Sarah Louise Creative